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The Oraibi Series Continues with The Times That Try Men’s Souls

Gaia’s struggle for freedom continues in the sequel to The Fifth World.

Their secret is out. The Gaian rebels hoped that by stopping the starship Prophet from returning to Earth, they could hide their existence and live in peace. They were wrong. Five years after the destruction of the Prophet, Earth has learned of the rebellion on planet Gaia and the plot of the mysterious Oraibi Brotherhood. A powerful army is sent over sixty light years to destroy the Oraibi and place Gaia back under Earth rule. Gaian Prime Minister Alex Newman faces an impossible choice of surrender or a war they are sure to lose. For his sister Becca, a survivor of the Prophet and witness to the ruthless brutality of Earth, the choice is simple. They must fight.

The Times That Try Men’s Souls is the story of a rebellion against a totalitarian world order that has devastated and oppressed Earth. Their heroic fight against overwhelming odds is a testament to the human spirit and its inherent desire to live free.

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    12.07.13 - I will be signing books at Atomic Empire in Durham at the Local Author Expo.

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