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Game of Thrones Recap: Oathbreaker

Posted on by Jacob Foxx


Unfortunately, this last episode was one of those slow build ones where nothing happens. Fans know what this means: shit is about to go down, either in the next episode or the one after it. I hope so. This season has thus far been a disappointment.


This story line has been slow with a few minor surprises. However, there was one development that bodes ill for House Stark (shocker). Rickon Stark and Osha are captured and taken to Ramsey. The dire wolf is dead. This is extremely bad news for Stark because it confirms the northern lords have little desire to avenge Ned or Robb. They are out for themselves. Some have sworn allegiance to Ramsey Bolton, including the Karstarks, but some have not. The North holds together by an uneasy truce, it seems, but it is becoming clear the Starks have no friends. As of now, the only thing that can take down Ramsey Bolton is Ramsey Bolton.

Jon Snow gets his revenge then resigns from the Night’s Watch. About damn time! If he leaves, he will be joined by Melisandre and Ser Davos. My hope is the writers do not have Sansa and Brienne miss them like what happened with Sansa and Arya at the Vale. That is extremely frustrating and makes for bad TV. Can we just get a Stark/Snow reunion and maybe get some idea of whether this family has any chance, any at all?!


Bran and tree guy are having vision quests through the past. Tree guy suggests Bran has a future beyond the cave but must learn “everything” before leaving. He will then be part of some great destiny in the south. All very ominous, and tantalizing. Considering Bran is the Stark heir, crippled as he may be, he will need some sort of magical help if he ever plans to retake the North.

We are getting some pretty significant prologue from Bran’s visions. He saw his father and his family at Winterfell and then witnesses a sword fight before a small fortress in the middle of nowhere. Ned is nearly defeated when one of his servants kills a Targaryen knight with double swords. He makes his way into the fortress when Bran yells his name. Ned seems to hear it for a moment. Interesting…

We are meant to assume Ned’s sister Lyanna is in the fortress after being kidnapped by Rhaegar, son of the Mad King. She dies tragically. When Ned returns home he arrives with his bastard Jon Snow.

Some are wondering if Jon Snow is perhaps the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, heir to the Iron Throne, and Lyanna Stark. The usurper, Robert Baratheon and Lyanna were betrothed but I am not sure if they actually married and consummated the marriage, which could open the possibility that Jon Snow is his heir.

The question is, if Jon Snow is not Ned’s bastard, why keep his parents’ identity a secret? If he was Robert Baratheon’s heir and legitimate son, there is no reason to conceal his true parentage. Robert, who loved Lyanna, would in all likelihood want to declare a product of their relationship his heir, not to mention solidify his alliance with the Starks.

One response to that: he wanted the Iron Throne. To help sow together the Seven Kingdoms after the death of Lyanna, Robert needed to marry into one of the other Great Houses, which would not be interested in an arrangement unless a product of the marriage was the undisputed heir. So Robert, sadly, had to disavow Jon Snow.

Robert had an opportunity to see and speak with Jon Snow in the first season and did not. Either he does not know, or more likely, he is not his son.

If Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, then there is plenty of reason to keep his parentage a secret. It is highly likely the new King Robert would kill Jon, angry at the physical evidence of Lyanna’s rape, and his own failure to protect her. As a bastard, Jon has no claim to anything whether his father is Rhaegar (who was married at the time he kidnapped Lyanna), or Ned. Queen Daenerys is the last surviving child of the Mad King. That makes her the heir to the dynasty.

As the theory goes: Ned, being the chivalrous knight that he is, swore to his sister to protect the child despite his dark origins.

Jon resembles a Stark, notably his uncle Benjen. He also looks a lot like Robb. There is no hint of Targaryen, although Baratheons have dark hair and strong build. Of course, he could’ve inherited all his looks from his Mother Lyanna and got nothing from the father.

Right now, the scenario with best odds is Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Other than some family drama here, I don’t think this changes anything.


The Masters of the various Slave Cities have allied themselves with a religious cult called Sons of the Harpy to overthrow Queen Daenerys. Apparently she did not eliminate them in her march through Astapor and Yunkai. Without her around, the unsullied must stay close to the capital for fear of rebellion. If they leave, it is doubtful the city would accept the rule of a foreign dwarf. They need Daenerys back!

Daenerys has arrived in Vaes Dothrak where her fate is not necessarily known. Since she abandoned her Khal and did not return to the capital as required by their customs, the other Khals may decide she should be executed. Either that, or become some kind of Dothraki nun. Jorah and Daario have to rescue her, and I imagine her big fire-breathing friend will also help.

Arya got her vision back along with some combat training. No surprises here.


King Tommen might be a good person but he is also an idiot. He seems terrified to use his power for anything. His uncle Kevan, the Hand of the King, holds small council with the Tyrells all trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. Jaime and Cersei want a seat at the council table but are refused. Neither of them have any talent for politics, strategy, or intrigue. Their dynasty is in deep shit. All this time passes and no one seems to have any idea how to fix this situation.

Nothing really happened in this plot, other than some small talk between Tommen and the head of the Sparrows.


We don’t know the deal with Dorne, or the Iron Islands. I imagine we will see some of these plot lines in the next episode or two.

For now, the big events are in the north and the Stark survivors.

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