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Game of Thrones Recap: Broken Man

Posted on by Jacob Foxx

No fucks left to give

No fucks left to give

Another steady advance episode with one cool reveal. We learned a few new things about a couple characters and some foreshadowing of what is to come next. Oh yeah, and yet another character returns form the dead…


Jon Snow and Sansa Stark struggle to build an alliance among the minor houses of the North. Although a few join, there aren’t many soldiers. The Wildlings are the largest contingent and the overall strength is around 2400 soldiers. Not enough to break Winterfell., which could have up to 5000 soldiers. Sansa realizes she must ask Uncle Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish for help. It is in his self-interest, and part of his plan, to aid her and end the Boltons. He’ll help, I’m pretty sure.

Sansa thinks many will rally to her cause simply because of her name. It is naive, which is generally the story with her. I thought she was wisein’ up a bit but I guess not. Jon Snow knows no more help is coming but his political skills were shown to be lacking. Ser Davos plays his role well but is only a knight.

Without help from the Vale, this battle won’t end well. Is Rickon alive? What about Bran??? Sansa is a Bolton until Ramsey is dead. Without one of the kids, House Stark doesn’t have much of a future.

Another possibility: Brienne convinces the Blackfish to march north…


Blackfish Tully did not disappoint in his return to the screen. He is old and has no fucks left to give. He saw the threat to Edmure was a bluff. Riverrun is ready to resist a siege but it surprises me he let himself get cornered there. Maybe he does have an escape route and only wanted to wear the Lannisters and Freys down for a while before vanishing into the woods.

Clearly he isn’t a master strategist looking to resurrect his house. He wants to kill as many Lannisters and Freys as possible. It is hard to tell though, he’s got a great poker face.

Lady Brienne is on her way there and may have a reunion with Jaime Lannister. Is there a chance at some sort of peaceful resolution here? I doubt it. Blackfish Tully sees all of them as enemies. He will not forgo a chance to hurt them. Brienne might be able to persuade him of a higher purpose other than blood but he looks pretty intent on his current course. There is also the rational argument that he can’t beat the Lannisters or Freys but certainly has a chance to wipe out the Boltons.

The only play here is to convince him to give up the castle and head north. He still has a niece and a nephew alive. Will Jaime allow him to withdraw knowing he will simply attack a different ally of King Tommen? Brienne would have to convince him that a reconstituted House Stark at Winterfell would not be a threat. Seems to me there is no one left to seek revenge on in House Lannister. Joffrey and Tywin are dead. Cersei remains but had nothing to do with the execution of Ned or the assassination of Robb. Lady Sansa may be content to have her home back and be rid of Ramsey. Jon Snow doesn’t want to fight a war with King Tommen either.

Good to see Bronn again. He definitely wants to retire from all this knighthood, duty and hardwork.


I knew Queen Marjaery was not taken in by this religion. She is playing the High Sparrow. Her paper message to her grandmother is proof. Olenna is a target and will leave the city with the army. Her halfwit son might remain on the small council but he is pretty worthless. That leaves Cersei to lead the fight against the Sparrows. Olenna let her have it about her failures, which was incredibly satisfying.

With the King in his pocket, only a covert attack on the High Sept will succeed. Cersei is a mediocre strategist and schemer. When it comes to subtlety, she isn’t nearly as smart as she thinks she is. Without the Tyrells or Bronn, she has no play other than brute force.


I don’t know where Yara and Theon are so this section is named Greyjoys. Surprise, surprise, Yara is a lesbian, or at least bi. That makes it difficult for her to be a Queen. Queens need to produce heirs. Guess she’ll need to just have to improvise that. Theon certainly cannot produce one.

She knows she must rebuild Theon, he has not fully regained his sanity and confidence yet. The emotional scars from his torture will remain but Yara must try to find some semblance of strength in him. Otherwise, he is a worthless servant. She wants him to be more. As crass as she is, I think she has the right idea.

Can she make a deal with the Breaker of Chains? Euron wants to make a deal with her as well. I doubt she wants to get married to any Greyjoy. Yara can’t marry her but I don’t doubt she’ll fall in love with Daenerys. Unfortunately, gay marriage isn’t legal in Westeros and doesn’t produce heirs.

She might make an alliance with Yara but there will be no marriage. Half of a Great House isn’t enough. She needs more allies in Westeros. Dorne perhaps? The stormlands? Starks? The Vale?


The Faceless Men made an attempt on Arya’s life. She is severely wounded and in great danger. She is my favorite Stark and really hope she survives. If she does, she desperately needs to get the hell out of that city and return to Westeros.


Sandor Clegane aka the Hound survived! The show got tired of killing so many characters it decided to bring a couple back including Jon Snow, Benjon Stark, and now the Hound. He tried to stay out of trouble but now shit is about to go down. Look for him to reenter the fray.

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