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Game of Thrones Recap: No One

Posted on by Jacob Foxx

GoT has really kept a good pace this season, maybe the quickest ever. We got some resolution on a few things and a setup for the final two episodes of the season. Let us turn to the setups first:


The Blackfish died fighting. Lady Brienne’s pleas failed, although he helped her and Podrick escape. In the end, he was too angry and stubborn to leave. Jaime played the manipulative asshole perfectly. He really is a clever schemer. Edmure, a coward, was threatened with death and the murder of his sort-of family. With the castle surrendered, it seems Edmure is free of the dungeon and will get his family back but I imagine he will be under some sort of house arrest in Riverrun. The Tullys and any rebels in the region are done.

House Frey is back in power. The Lannisters ended a rebellion effectively. Of course, the whole Sparrow problem back at King’s Landing remains.

That leaves Jon Snow, outnumbered. Without Littlefinger and the knights of the Vale I do not see victory. Ramsey has all of the advantages and when it comes to tactics, seems to be pretty good. If he loses in the field, he can hide behind the tall walls of Winterfell.

The next episode will resolve the Stark-Bolton War I believe.


The Masters double crossed Tyrion. A fleet of ships arrives in the harbor and attacks Meereen. The unsullied and second sons may be able to defend the pyramid but Grey Worm does not think they can defend the whole city.  Luckily Daenerys shows up with a dragon. The dragons do not seem to take orders or commands but operate on instinct. What instinct will tell them to fry a fleet of ships? Hopefully her Dothraki army is not far behind.

Tyrion has lost some credibility. I am not sure of Daenerys will keep him around if he keeps giving bad advice. Then again, he has an excellent track record despite the attack. My guess is he will admit his mistake and take responsibility.

Varys is off to Westeros to build relationships with the Great Houses. As I have been saying for a while, Daenerys will need friends, no matter how big her army is. She might be able to conquer King’s Landing but without friends, she will not be able to hold it.


The Sparrows tried to get Cersei to come back to the High Septon. The King was okay with their presence in the Red Keep. She refused to go and we watched the Mountain rip a guy’s head off…literally. Unfortunately, the High Sparrow made another shrewd move and convinced the King to ban trial by combat. Cersei will have an old fashion trial instead.

Her advisor hints at some rumor going about the city or the kingdom. Not sure what that is about but it is a set up for how all of this will go down. Cersei has been very stoic about her situation, which makes me suspicious. She isn’t exactly the best schemer but something about the look on her face. Either that or she is trying very hard not to scream out in frustration.

This conflict is probably resolved before end of the season.


He gets his revenge on the men responsible for killing his friends. The Brotherhood without Banners offers him a job. They are worshippers of the Lord of Light and believe the biggest threat to the kingdom is from the Night King. If so, what the hell are they doing so far south? Why aren’t they helping Jon Snow and the Wildlings? Instead, they fight House Frey. Why?

Their numbers seem to be small, no more than an irritant. Not sure what their plan is or if Hound will actually join. There was also some full frontal nudity, entirely gratuitous. GoT has done this with female characters a bunch of times so I guess this is just evening the score. Still, seemed to be an afterthought of the writers.


Miraculously, Arya kills her tormentor and declares her desire to go home. Can it be? Is Arya Stark truly going to return to the North and reunite with her family? It has been five full seasons since she last was with any of her brothers or sisters. She was there at the Red Wedding but never got to see Robb or her mother. The Hound saved her.

Sansa is a Bolton, by law, but Arya is a true Stark. Assuming Rickon is dead and Bran continues to be absent, Arya actually has a legit claim to Winterfell and the North. Not that any northern lord will follow a girl. It is more likely Arya returns to Westeros to finish off her list: Walder Frey and Cersei Lannister. Walder Frey would be the more convenient target to start out with.

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