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My love of science fiction began early while growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. By middle school I was a Trekkie, obsessed with futuristic technologies especially space travel and phasers. After that came the novels of George Orwell, H.G. Wells, Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov. It was more than just the cool gadgets. The political and philosophical themes of science fiction also fascinated me. I spent hours thinking about what the future would be like, from the technology to the political and religious beliefs that may lie ahead of us. What kind of people were we going to be?

It was a fascination that bled into my academic career as well. In college I studied history, government, religion, and philosophy. In between study sessions, I worked on a fictional timeline examining the future of humanity five centuries from today. After college I attended law school where I spent my very limited down time refining the timeline focusing on the potential impact of new technologies on law, society, and political institutions. The timeline became the basis for The Oraibi Series.

While the love of science fiction came early, my love for writing came much later. Even then, I spent most of my time writing non-fiction such as essays, memos, political commentaries, and legal briefs. I never considered myself a good writer or a good storyteller. I was preparing for a professional career in the real world, which didn’t leave much time to master creative writing. When I did write fiction, it was mostly for my own amusement. It wasn’t until I completed a few chapters of what would become The Fifth World, that I began to take it seriously. This was several years after law school.

When I shared a draft of The Fifth World with others, I was amazed at the positive response. My family and friends encouraged me to try and get it published. By then, I had decided I was going to finish it, actually finish a novel! The Fifth World took almost three years to complete, edit, refine, rewrite, and in some cases cut away entire sections of junk. It was a long and often painful learning experience but in the end it was worth it.

In 2012 The Fifth World was officially released on Amazon. It was such a rewarding experience, I decided I would continue writing fiction. The professional career is still a big part of my life but I decided I would continue to write whenever I had time.

When I am not writing, I work as a regulatory consultant for small biotech companies in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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