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Meet the Characters

Becca Newman

Dr. Rebecca Newman and her brother, Alex Newman, were instrumental to the success of the Ark Project. Becca was the lead molecular biologist on the Consortium terraforming program. She helped develop Segenis Demagaia, the algae that transformed the Gaian atmosphere, making the air breathable. She survived the attack on the starship Prophet and has lived peacefully on Gaia, helping to finish the terraforming of the planet.

She is prepared to fight the Federation to defend her brother from imprisonment. She believes the Federation intends to arrest and imprison him. However, at age 56, she’ll need therapeutic and surgical work done to make her an adequate soldier.

Becca is a brilliant scientist. She graduated college a full year early and obtained her Ph.D. in molecular biology at age twenty-five. She doesn’t believe in the Fifth World prophecy. To Becca, the war is about protecting her family.

Alex Newman

Alex Newman is Becca’s brother and prime minister of Gaia. He was a high-level Consortium official before joining the rebellion. He helped rebuild Gaia and became a prominent leader, well-liked by both former Consortium supporters and the radicals. After the Gaians destroyed the Prophet, they elected him prime minister. Although he is not Oraibi, he supports their cause and often seeks out their advice.

Like his sister, Alex is brilliant and highly-motivated. While many describe him as a cold realist – he is at heart an idealist, believing in the promise of Gaia. Now with a family, he is reluctant to follow a path that will lead to war.

Miguel Moleiro

General Miguel Moleiro is commander of the Gaian security forces and member of the Oraibi Brotherhood. He infiltrated the Consortium security forces, getting himself a seat aboard the Ark. Not long after the Ark arrived on Gaia, he conspired with his Oraibi Brothers and Sisters to overthrow the Consortium government.

Before joining the Consortium, he was an accomplished officer in the Brazilian Army. He fought in the Amazon War against Oraibi-allied separatists until he was captured. During his captivity he had an epiphany, realizing he was fighting on the wrong side.

Moleiro is a strong believer in prophecy. To him, Gaia is the new holy land and the Federation are servants of the antichrist. During the rebellion, he personally executed half of the council before General Thadrus stopped him. Despite his fanatical belief in the Fifth World prophecy, he feels ashamed of his murderous actions. He struggles to work alongside politicians and loathes bureaucratic procedure.  He fears they are unprepared for the coming war due to laziness and political compromise.

Maria Newman

Maria is the eldest daughter of Alex and Isabella Newman. Her father’s constant absence due to his job as prime minister has upset her, changing her from adoring daughter to rebellious teen. She joined the pilgrim movement, a small activist group opposed to Newman’s migration and settlement policies. After learning of the impending arrival of Federation forces, she enthusiastically supported war, much to her father’s dread.

Charles Jedik

Dr. Charles Jedik is a key leader of the Oraibi Brotherhood and close friend to Alex Newman. He was part of the first expedition to Gaia and later became a leader of the rebellion against the colonist. Dr. Jedik worked alongside the rebels to rebuild the colony and is considered one of its “founding fathers.” He is a teacher of classical liberalism and works hard to teach ideas long discarded as obsolete, backward, or dangerous.

He is a gnostic Christian and a faithful believer in the Fifth World prophecy. Among the Oraibi leadership, he is the oldest and closest ally of Kayah.


Great Mother Kayah is the leader of the Oraibi Brotherhood. Revered as both a prophet and revolutionary, she founded the Brotherhood on Earth and helped plan the hijacking of the Ark and the rebellion on Gaia. Before becoming the Great Mother, Kayah was a tribal elder of the dying Hopi Tribe of Arizona. She was chosen to be on the first Ark expedition due to her role as preserver of the Hopi cultural heritage.

Shawn Palmer

Shawn Palmer’s life was torn apart by the Gaian rebellion. His position as a Consortium bureaucrat made him the target of disdain and suspicion. When he learned of the return of the Federation, he rejoiced, planning to help them retake Gaia.

Palmer believes the Oraibi Brotherhood are nothing more than radical terrorists, desiring to rule with its backward and fanatical ideology. He sees the rest of the Gaians as gullible saps, who won’t fight to protect Oraibi rule. Along with his associates Edgar Sanger, Nel Sanger, and Genevieve Colins, he is collecting intelligence for the Federation in hopes of ingratiating himself to the new regime.

Thomas Solwin

When the Terran Federation learned about the Gaian rebellion, Thomas Solwin urged military action to retake the lost colony. The Federation appointed him leader of the expedition to retake Gaia and provisional governor once the colony was liberated.

Solwin is a strong supporter of the Terran Federation and the colonization program. He sees Gaia as an unprecedented historical opportunity to build a new society from the ground up, without the old cultural prejudices dividing and weakening the human race.

Solwin is very intelligent and an effective speaker. He seeks power so that he can shape Gaia into his own utopian vision. His loyalty and commitment is to his vision; everything and everyone else do not matter.

Josslyn Fantoche

Josslyn Fantoche is a member of the Gaian Parliament and leader of the opposition coalition. She did not support the rebellion until it became clear they were going to win. After the rebellion, she became a prominent voice for former Consortium officers and bureaucrats desiring to avoid being persecuted. She became a critic of the Oraibi Brotherhood, arousing suspicion of their secretive ways and powerful influence.

Fantoche wants power and doesn’t care which government it is in. As long as Gaia is free, she pursues power through the Parliament, actively trying to remove Alex Newman from power. When she learns of the impending Federation invasion, she sees it as an opportunity to remove Newman, not caring about the potential ramifications for the Gaians.

Fantoche is exceptionally beautiful, charismatic, and cunning. Her motivation is power, caring little for ideology or utopian visions. As long as she has a big seat at the table, she will serve any master.

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