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Meet the Characters

Becca Newman

Becca was the lead molecular biologist on the Consortium terraforming program. Specifically she helped develop Segenis Demagaia, the algae planted on Gaia to transform the atmosphere making the air breathable. Her brother, Alex Newman, was part of the first expedition to Gaia. After learning that the Ark succeeded and the colonists successfully arrived on Gaia, she is invited to join the mission to Gaia by Marissa De Prece. The Gaia mission offers her an opportunity to see her brother after fourteen years of believing him to be dead.

Becca is brilliant and highly-motivated. She graduated college a full year early and obtained her Ph.D. in molecular biology at age twenty-five. Her intense focus on her career left her with somewhat distant relations with her family. The Ark Project changed that bringing her much closer to her brother.

Becca was devastated at the news of the Ark’s demise. Only after losing Alex did she realize the benign neglect with which she treated those close to her. Soon she sees her career as meaningless. The discovery of the colony brings her back to life after years of wandering aimlessly without purpose.

Alex Newman

Alex Newman is a key leader of the Gaian colony and Becca’s brother. He was a passenger on the first expedition to Gaia. Before becoming part of the expedition, Alex was a high-ranking official in the U.S. Justice Department that worked on developing the governing system that would administer Gaia until the later expeditions arrived.

Like his sister, Alex is a highly-motivated professional. And also like his sister, he treated personal relationships as distractions from much more important work. While those around him describe him as intelligent, cold, and ruthless – he is at heart an idealist and an optimist, believing in the promise of the Ark and Gaia. His experience on Gaia changes his life in profound ways.

Marissa De Prece

Marissa was a colleague of Alex Newman at the Justice Department before moving on to become US deputy ambassador to the newly formed Terran Federation. When Earth discovers the Ark made it to Gaia, she is in charge of putting together the mission to find out what happened.

A skillful diplomat, De Prece is politically savvy and a brilliant facilitator. Regardless of the situation she seems to know exactly what to say, whether she must defuse a tense situation or move parties to agreement. Above all things she is practical, leaving little room for romantic ideals. Knowing exactly what she wants, she is not afraid to do what is necessary.

Will Cissaft

Will Cissaft is the leader of the Federation mission to Gaia and the deputy national security adviser to the President of the United States. He wants to resurrect the Ark Project and begin work on building new interstellar colonies, beginning with building new settlements on Gaia.

Cissaft is an aggressive and overbearing personality, bullying those around him to do what he wants. Before working in politics, he was the CEO of a large multinational corporation where he took advantage of his authority to continue the Consortium’s work on interstellar travel and terraforming. He has staked his political and financial future on the success of the Gaia mission.

Dr. Khalid Fard

Dr. Fard is a member of the scientific delegation on the mission to Gaia. An astrophysicist by training he is also an Imam, making him a prominent member of the scientific and religious communities in Iran. He is a well-known critic of the Federation and the Consortium that preceded it. Although excited about the mission he believes Gaia is not the answer to the problems on Earth. He becomes close friends with Becca and Dr. Felix Ribeiro during their voyage to Gaia.

Dr. Fard is viewed by many on the mission as a walking contradiction, with an immense knowledge of both science and religion. In a time where almost everyone believes the two sides are mutually exclusive, he believes such notions are a sad and shortsighted.

Dr. Felix Ribeiro

Dr. Ribeiro is a prominent astrophysicist from Brazil and part of the scientific delegation on the mission to Gaia. Disinterested in politics, Dr. Ribeiro is excited about the novelty of traveling through space and stepping foot on an alien planet. He is close friends with Dr. Fard and becomes very fond of Becca.

On Gaia, Ribeiro becomes nervous. He sees signs of tension and anger among the people of Gaia. Right or wrong, he believes the righteous fervor of the colonists will lead to violence.

Charles Jedik

Professor Jedik was part of the first expedition to Gaia and later became a leader of the rebellion. Jedik worked alongside the rebels to rebuild the colony and is considered one of its “founding fathers.” He is a student of classical liberalism and works hard to teach ideas long discarded as obsolete, backward, or dangerous.

Miguel Moleiro

Colonel Miguel Moleiro was deputy security chief on the first expedition. Born in Brazil, he is a devout Catholic who was forced to keep his strong beliefs hidden from the Consortium. During the rebellion he ordered the Gaia Security Forces to turn against the colonial government, leading them to victory in the bloody insurrection. He is now the head of the new free Gaian security forces.

Col. Moleiro is a strong believer in prophecy. To him, Gaia is the new holy land and the Earth visitors are servants of the antichrist.

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