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Gaians established their own calendar to match rotation and orbital cycle of planet around the Gaia star. The calendar begins on day Ark left Earth. Calendar years labeled: After Emergence (AE).

There are fourteen months in the Gaian year, each month equals one orbit of the moon Coeus around the planet. The names are simply first month (Primemes), second month (segundomes), etc. in Portuguese. One orbit takes 25.54 days. The number of days in each month alternates between 25 and 26 days to correct for the remainder. The Gaian year is 357 total Gaian days.

A Gaian day is the equivalent of 28.5 Earth hours. A Gaian hour is approximately 59 minutes, giving the day 29 Gaian hours. It is unclear why the Consortium decided on 29 hours.

Earth DateGaia DateEvent
June 17, 2095n/aChina and India engage in nuclear war, estimated 400 warheads are detonated, 300 million die in first days
August 20, 2097n/aUnited Nations Global Environment Commission releases the Hermann Report, concludes world population could fall below critical mass
April 29, 2101n/aArk Project officially announced,International Peace and Sustainability Consortium Established
October 21, 2114Primemes 1, 0 AEArk leaves Earth for Gaia
July 27, 2116Sextomes 1, 1 AEArk arrives in Gaia system, after colonists disembark Ark destroyed
October 31, 2128Oitomes 21, 10 AEThe starship Prophet arrives on Gaia to investigate disappearance of Ark
November 2, 2128Oitomes 22, 10 AEProphet is destroyed
April 1, 2134Catorzemes 25, 15 AEAtlantis arrives in Gaia system
May 2, 2134Primemes 25, 16 AEGaian Parliament passes mobilization plan
January 1, 2136Oitomes 4, 17 AETerran Fleet arrives in Gaian system
March 19, 2136Decimes 2, 17 AEBattle for New Eden

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