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February, 2084Heidion Drive Theory first introduced by research group at University of Berlin
June 17, 2095China and India engage in nuclear war, an estimated 400 warheads are detonated, around 300 million die an first days
June 18, 2095World Governments freeze prices, shut down stock markets and national emergencies declared
June 22, 2095United Nations Security Council Calls emergency meeting passing several nonbinding resolutions but do not act
June 24, 2095Casualty estimates increased to 800 million, both Indian and Chinese governments are annihilated
July 1, 2095Fallout spreads throughout Asia and western Pacific, millions suffer from radiation poisoning in Japan, Korea, Pacific Isles, and Southeast Asia
July 5, 2095Iran, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia order borders closed and refuse to take refugees
August 31, 2095Radiation levels rise across the globe, dust clouds spread over most of northern hemisphere, massive crop failures reported
September 9, 2095Riots erupt in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Anaheim due to food and water shortages
September 11, 2095Korean state collapses, millions die from radiation poisoning, starvation, and drought
September 21, 2095United States declares martial law in most cities on Pacific Coast
October 2, 2095U.S. Congress orders nationalization of all food and water production and distribution infrastructure
October 10, 2095National healthcare system overwhelmed, forced to turn away patients from emergency rooms for first time in decades
October 17, 2095Japan and Philippines begin construction of domed arcologies to protect populations from fallout, millions already dead in both countries
November 29, 2095Violence spreads from California into Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado - food rationing, water shortages and out of control gang violence overwhelms local authorities, martial law declared in twenty more cities during November
December 3, 2095Countries of Vietnam, Nepal, Laos, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh cease to exist, UN withdraws recognition
April 2, 2096U.S. Congress passes Public Incitement and Sedition Law, limiting free speech and assembly and expanding federal law enforcement powers
March 11, 2097U.S. Congresses passes National Arms Control Act, limiting private ownership of firearms to state and federal law enforcement only
March 12, 2097Violent uprisings occur in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Phoenix - all three cities are left in ruins, hundreds die and thousands are arrested
April 20, 2097U.S. President orders evacuation of most of California, Nevada, and Arizona, forcing 35 million people out of their homes
May 1, 2097New Minutemen separatist group declares war on U.S. Government and begins wave of attacks, religious fanatics become apocalyptical cults and join insurrection
May 7, 2097UN no longer recognizes existence of sixteen countries, including Russia whose government collapses in late April
May, 2097World Population falls below 6 billion, over 33 percent drop from 2095
August 1, 2097New sedition laws along with new anti-religious fanatic measures are passed strongly curbing freedom of speech, organization, and free exercise of religion
August 20, 2097United Nations Global Environment Commission releases the Hermann Report which concludes world population could fall below critical mass, risk of extinction - proposes Consortium Protocols
2097 to 2098Widespread violence continues, U.S. Government uses deadly force against all demonstrators and evacuation continues
September 19, 2097U.S. Government reinstitutes death penalty and begins executions for numerous crimes beyond murder
October, 2099Famine leads to exodus from North Africa and Arabian Peninsula - Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Arabian Commonwealth no longer recognized by UN
April 20, 2101U.S. President signs Consortium Protocols, implementing population controls, expanding capital punishment further and legalizing euthanasia
April 29, 2101Ark Project officially launched, International Peace and Sustainability Consortium Established
2101 to 2103U.S. begins evacuations of Gulf of Mexico due to climate conditions
2102 to 2103Minutemen and religious factions defeated, remnants chased to western deadlands
February 2, 2105U.S. President signs law pulling back capital punishment usage and creating new rehabilitation program for political criminals
March 18, 2105U.S. President signs Community Code Laws adding new population controls including marriage license requirements, child upbringing requirements, and new expanded state education
June, 2109World Population falls below 3 billion, 67 percent drop since 2095
October 21, 2114Last of Transport Ships reaches Ark, Heidion Drive activated and it begins journey to Gaia

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