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What People are Saying

As a lifelong reader and author of four novels myself, I was given the honor of previewing The Fifth World. I was hooked after the first chapter. Foxx has a vivid imagination, pulling you quickly into the story, and suddenly you’re along for the ride. You develop a genuine affinity for the protagonist and truly feel the strain of the conflict. I didn’t want the book to end. Well done!

-Tom Sylvester, author of The Bolden Directive, The Bernoulli Award and The Hohmann Transfer

I was hooked after the first few sentences, and this book has it all- a bit of drama, action, and the question to which every SciFi lover wants to know the answer, ‘What if?’

Maja Majdak, Blogger See Review Here

…a breathe of fresh air. I haven’t read any hardcore science fiction lately so when I started this book, I was expecting a lot. Were those expectations reached? Why, yes, very much so!

Faye M, The Social Potato


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