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What’s Next

Heroes of Coburin (unofficial title)

Currently I am writing a series divided into novella-length episodes called Heroes of Coburin. The story is inspired by Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Battlemech. It is about a team competing in a giant mech-fighting league who find themselves fugitives from the government, which have mistaken them for radical separatists. The series is going to be largely character-driven similar to Firefly, as well as plenty of exploration of new worlds. There will also be a bit of a cyberpunk angle to it.

It is divided into smaller novella-sized “episodes.” Three episodes are completed and a fourth one is being written. Alternatively, I may publish it as a novel (combining first three episodes) but have episode one be a free excerpt (about 90 pages).

Current estimated publication date is sometime in mid 2016.

The Fifth World: Book 3

The completed manuscript for the final book in the Oraibi Trilogy is currently being edited. Release date depends on how it takes to finalize text and design new cover. Publication is set for mid 2016.

Short Stories

I’ve finished and submitted two short stories for publication to about ten or eleven magazines. So far no bites. If they all say no, I will post them for free on this website and

Currently I’m drafting a third story about AI, and the possibility of having android politicians running the country rather than humans.

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